Lahore Greenz Luxury Farm Houses

Lahore Greenz Luxury Farm Houses.


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About Lahore Greenz Luxury Farm Houses:

This is what Lahore Greenz is all about. Perfect for residence and investment.Farmhouse is what makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

Water Fun Park, Monuments Obelisk, Carpeted Roads, 24/7 Security Services, State of the Art Greenry, Sports Complex.


Availability of all basic & luxurious amenities synced in with healthy life style

ECO Friendly Atmosphere

Well built infrastructure with nourishing ecological system, syncing in with natural habitat leading to healthy lifestyle and perceptional serenity.

Ecology is our gift from the very essense of Nature. From organic origin we have made our liveability, sustainable hence Eco-friendly is all what we need to match our needs along the natural phenomenon that will ensure a healthy today and a healthy tomorrow.

Palm trees plantation is one highlight of Lahore Greenz that will ensure Eco-friendly aspect in the community.


Lahore Greenz brings along all the advanced facilities and amenities required for standard and healthy living. Our mission is to offer splendid residential farmhouses and gorgeous living spaces, as well as a versatile lifestyle. Palm trees installation being a part of plan is one of the major eye-catching factors along with others. Having direct Access from Ring Road and Hospitals, Lahore Greenz is situated at prime location of Lahore.

Modern Facilities

Availability of Advanced Facilities and Amenities (including Water Fun & Sports complex) required for standard and healthy living.

Versatile Lifestyle

Splendid residential farmhouse and gorgeous living spaces, as well as a Versatile Lifestyle.

A Great Package

Better Rates in comparison to other Farm House projects in surroundings with more amenities and facilities. Overall a Great Package indeed.

Direct Access

Having Direct Access from Ring Road and Hospitals, Lahore Greenz is situated at prime location of Lahore.

Location Map

Lahore Greenz Farm Houses Location Map


Installments for 6 Month Plan.

Lahore Greenz Farm Houses Price List



Installments for 18 Month Plan.

lahore-greenz luxury farm houses-c block prices

lahore greenz location map


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Documents Required For Booking.

1- Pay order to the name of "FEB Developers " (Down Payment).

2- Two pictures of plot purchaser.

3- NIC/ Passport copy of purchaser.

4- NIC/ passport copy of nominee.


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