Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad.

  • Capital Smart City is quality housing project on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport falling on the eastern route of CPEC.
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capital smart city islamabad

Twin cities, as modernized as they are, provide the choice lodges for people with urban mindsets. Capital Smart City Pakistan  is the only city with innovative and first-rate features and is located at the neck of Islamabad. It covers a vast area. Capital Smart City Islamabad offers all of the valued features and living commodities for a healthy, wealthy, and fit lifestyle.

 What is a Smart City?

To begin with, it is a certification credited to a locality that inculcates quality information and communication technologies, more commonly known as ICTs. The purpose of incorporating ICTs is to enhance the functioning of services. Moreover, these services include energy, transportation, and utilities. And the objective of enhancing the services’ quality is to reduce wastage, overuse, and spillage.

Resultantly, a Smart City in Pakistan is which provides a modern lifestyle with quality services cost-effectively. Any area, mainly residential having such standards, practically, is termed as a Smart City.

What is Capital Smart City?

Pakistan as a third-world country is striving hard to survive. People are at a loss of basic life necessities. Pakistan is behind in many aspects but Pakistanis are at the top of every field. Similar is the case of urbanization. Islamabad is undoubtedly one of the most technologically advanced and modern world cities.

In addition to its repute Future development holdings Ltd. has initiated an un-orthodox and trailblazing housing scheme located just miles away from the New Islamabad International Airport by the name Capital Smart City. It is truly a trendsetter and is the only Smart City in Pakistan.

With its world-class features, supreme utilities and classic services, it is a dream society to reside in and people who believe art is the key to contentment cannot stay away from this masterpiece. Elegantly planned and designed by Surbana Jurong, Capital Smart City Islamabad is the future of a better and advanced Pakistan.


Why is it Termed as Smart City?

In summary, by now you all must be familiar with the basics of a Smart City. Capital Smart City Islamabad has got everything it needs to be a top-notch smart locality.

  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Utilized modern technology in all of its facilities.
  • Benefiting from the advanced ways of living.
  • Capital Smart City is the premium choice because the techniques and processes it demonstrates are better for our resources.
  • The housing plans epitomize elegance, style, and class.

Capital Smart City’s masterplan is unmatched and it guarantees a worthy lifestyle.


Is the locality suitable to live in?

Knowing that it is ideally located near the New Islamabad International Airport, people believe that it is not as ideal as is shown. However, its connectivity and planning surpass all the doubts.

  • It is not situated in the heart of the twin cities.
  • Connects to the Rawalpindi Ring road.
  • An interchange that links it to the M2-Motorway, which runs from Lahore to Islamabad.
  • The society’s main entrance in 18 lanes wide. Indeed a grand entrance.
  • Also, its central boulevard is just a 5-minute drive from the main gate.

Furthermore, it is also connected to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore directly which clearly adds to its worth.

What are the Facilities in Capital Smart City?

Claiming it to be a smart city, many of you may question if it actually is so? In this case, its impeccable facilities together with modern approach reflect this fact and are innovative enough to blow your mind.

Hills Vista

This part of Capital Smart City includes:

  • Residential blocks, villas, and plots,
  • Golf farmhouses for people who are in love with the sport, with 18 hole course.
  • Retail markets.
  • Eat & drink corners.
  • A separate, lavish and intriguing golf clubhouse, along with a golf academy.

The community club at the Capital Smart City Pakistan is the key facility in this area. Here, people of all ages and gender can enjoy lives and take part in societal activities and services.

capital city-islamabad

What facilities does Crystal Lake Provide?

No family gathering feels complete without a lake view namely shopping, walk, recreational activities, movies, etc. What is better than all of this in one place. Well, Capital Smart City Islamabad has a Crystal Lake your place to be on the weekends. Coupled with amazing facilities, you can enjoy the dancing fountains, musical concerts, and star hotels.

Eat, drink, shop, walk and play. Crystal Lake manages everything. And when you are tired, you can relax beside the lake bank and have your time to yourself. The floating village amid the lake is the perfect depiction of our culture and demonstrates how close we are to our traditions.

Isn’t it better to keep the residential, commercial, and financial sectors segregated?

What good is your home if your guest has to roam around for hours just to find your place?

Even with google maps, houses are difficult to locate in societies where everything is mixed up. Segregation of sectors is a must for a proper and better lifestyle. You and your generations will know which way to go if you have to pay the bills, which way is the shopping center, etc.

However, the financial sector of the Capital Smart City Pakistan constitutes conference halls, business offices, financial offices, high-quality restaurants and hotels, and corporate apartments.


What is the Purpose of the Aviation Village?

Just like every working functionary has grades. Similarly, the aviation village of Capital is grade B of the financial sector. It is the sector that has all the warehouses, technology, and corporate offices. Moreover, logistics warehouses, 3-star hotels, refreshments are also available for the members of this sector.

What Good is Technology If it Cannot Provide Health?

This city is planned so smartly that it seems flawless. The healthcare city is a subset of Capital smart city as the name says it constitutes everything related to healthcare. For instance, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, or private clinics, you can locate them here. This sector is specifically designed to fulfill its purpose.
The hospitals and laboratories have quality and updated equipment. The test-procedures are undertaken as per the standard and validated protocol. The pharmacies deliver their best as they are quick in response and peculiar in providing medicines only if prescribed. In summary, you don’t have to go anywhere in case of medical emergencies. It’s all in your access.

Are Overseas not as Important as the Locals?

The answer is they are and Capital smart city is the living embodiment of this statement. We care about you and your needs. Overseas has lived a life which is totally different compared to the typical Pakistani lifestyle. Likewise, Capital smart city urges to provide standard lifestyles for them so they may feel like they are home.

The overseas block consists of:

  • Residential plots, villas, and mansions
  • Admin block
  • Grand Mosque
  • A park
  • Retail and shopping malls
  • Classy and modern restaurants
  • Top-notch healthcare facilities
  • Quality education


Is it all?

No, Capital smart city has a lot more in store for its residents. Other amazing facilities that are a part of this bohemian chapter are as follows:

  • Best Education City
  • Wonderful Mosques
  • State of the Art BRT Systems
  • Prime Urban Utilities
  • World’s Smartest Infrastructure
  • Garden park

How do Urban Utilities help in Creating an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle?

For the most part, utilities are designed carefully keeping in view the necessity of our environment. As a result, these utilities also contribute to a better and healthy eco-system for instance:

  • Food truck park
  • Grid station
  • Solar Parks
  • Sewerage and water treatment plant
  • Controlled irrigation system to minimize spillage and wastage
  • International standard defense/security/system, which quality fire-extinguisher services
  • Fully functional solid waste management system

Have you ever Heard of BRT systems?

These are the community services you may never have heard of in Pakistan. BRT is initialized for Bus rapid transit system. They are superior, faster, and cost-effective alternatives to typical public services. Similarly, these include specific bus lines, safe and comfortable bus stops at walking distances from each other.

The maintenance facilities and management of this system is 24/7 available. The interchanges and bus/train stations inside the city fasten the daily commute more reliably.

What are the Features that Make it Smart?

This is a specific section talking about the features that distinguish this locality from all others. A few of them are as follows:

  • A no-load-shedding environment – living in Pakistan, the primary concern of everyone is electricity in particular. As a result, Capital Smart City caters to this concern and generates its own electricity to provide its residents with unlimited, uninterrupted electric power.
  • The traffic control is automated. Traffic signals are rare sights in Pakistan but this city not only has them, but they are also automatic and are controlled through traffic offices.
  • With crime-rate exponentially increasing in Pakistan, security is one of the biggest issues that fails every organization. Above all bringing it into focus, Capital smart city has installed CCTV cameras all over the city with ultra-modern facial recognition. These are examined continuously through traffic control offices.

Who Despises Free Wi-Fi?

Similarly, the millennials can live without anything but Wi-Fi. Ergo Capital smart city has gifted its residents with free Wi-Fi spots at public places. The malls, hotels, parks, restaurants, and bus stations, all have free Wi-Fi, and you are never disconnected from your kith and kin.

Did you ever think about Electric Public Bikes in Pakistan?

Well if you haven’t given it a thought, this is the time. For the most part, Capital Smart City has indeed been structured with state-of-the-art facilities by carefully devising every minute detail and feature.

Moreover, the residential areas are structured with the same passion as the public areas. Especially, the architecture, infrastructure, imported flooring, modern furniture, and graceful designing is in particular, a proof of the passion and creativity inculcated into the housings also.


What is the Payment Plan of Capital Smart City?

Worrying about the pricings? Don’t worry, we have got it covered. The residential and commercial plots along with the villas can be bought on an easy 36-months installment plan. Therefore, a stress-free payment plan like no other.
The pricings of the plots and villas are as follows: (All are available with a 10% down-payment.)


Capital Smart City Villas – Booking Details, Location & Prices


Capital Smart City has launched its premium housing product “Smart Villas” in its overseas and executive blocks. This is an exclusive option to buy a semi-furnished/furnished luxury villa with smart add-ons at a flexible installments plan. Bookings are open on first come first served basis and availability of villas is limited, so it is recommended to make a quick and smart decision before prices are revised or inventory is sold out.Smart Villas are planned in the developing blocks of Capital Smart City, i.e. Overseas Block and Executive Block. Overseas block is planned to have 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal smart villas, while executive block is planned to have 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla and 12 marla villas.

Following is the location map of Overseas Block Smart Villas:

capital smart city villas

As you can see on the map above, Overseas Smart Villas are located in Overseas District 1, Block A, Block B, Block C and Block E.

Following is the location map of Executive Block Smart Villas:



As you can see on the map above, Executive Smart Villas are located in Executive Block B, Block C and Block D. 

It is pertinent to mention here that FDHL has launched only 150 Smart Villas including Overseas and Executive ones, so there is limited availability of each size of villa.

Each Villa type is meticulously designed to have unique and modern elevation styles, i.e. Georgian, Mediterranean and Modern/Contemporary. Each type has different interior options as well, so you have a variety of options to choose from at the time of booking.

5 Marla Smart Villas

5 Marla Villas are planned on 125 Sq.Yds residential plots in Overseas and Executive Blocks. There are three different elevation designs available, i.e. Mediterranean, Georgian and Contemporary. You have option to choose 3 bedroom villa or 4 bedroom villa at the time of booking.. 

3 bedrooms villa has covered area of 1850 sq.ft, whereas 4 bedrooms villa has covered area of 2050 sq.ft.

7 Marla Smart Villas

7 Marla Smart Villas are located in Executive Block. These villas are available in 3 different exterior and interior designs. Plot size is 175 Sq. Yards or 1590 Sq.ft, and built-up area is 2400 Sq.ft. 

7 Marla Villas have 4 bedrooms, so it is an ideal size for one medium or 2 small families. Ground floor has one bedroom, while first floor has 3 bedrooms.

10 Marla Smart Villas

10 Marla Villas are planned in Overseas District 1, as well as Executive Block. There are multiple floor plans and elevation designs available in 10 marla villas, so you will be able to choose an option best suited for your purpose and liking. 

10 Marla Villas are built on plot size 2275 sq.ft. These are available in 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms. The former has a built area of 2600 sq.ft, while the later has a built area of 2800 sq.ft.

12 Marla Smart Villas

12 Marla Villas are planned in Executive Block. This villa is ideal for one or two medium families. It has wide car parking and spacious rooms. There is a range of exquisitely designed interiors and exotic elevations which appeal to your fine taste. Hence, you can choose the one which suits your purpose.

These villas are built on plot size 2720 sq.ft. Two interior floor plan options are available, i.e. 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms. 4 bedrooms villa has a built area of 3300 sq.ft, where 5 bedrooms villa has a built area of 3500 sq.ft.

1 Kanal Smart Villas

1 Kanal Villas are planned in Overseas District 1. This is a ideal home option for discerning people. A luxurious accommodation within the fantastic environment of Capital Smart City will make you love your home. 

1 Kanal Villas are built on plot size 4500 sq.ft. There are two different options available, i.e. 5 bedrooms and 6 bedrooms. 5 bedrooms villa has a built area of 4900 sq.ft, whereas 6 bedrooms villa has built area of 5000 sq.ft.

2 Kanal Smart Villas

2 Kanal Villas is a very limited option in Capital Smart City. These ultra luxury smart homes are exclusively designed for the finest of investors who want to enjoy the luxuries of smart living. 

The adept architects at FDHL have taken great care of all the essentials of luxury living in this particular product. There are three different options available in this 2 kanal size, i.e 5 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms and 7 bedrooms villa.  

2 Kanal villas are built on plot size 9000 sqft. 5 bedrooms villa has built area of 7248 sqft. 6 bedrooms villa has built area of 7763 sqft, and 7 bedrooms villa has built area of 8100 sqft.

When it comes to the quality of construction and the material, you can bet on the finest quality of Capital Smart City Villas. All villas come equipped with finest quality of mechanical, electrical and plumbing materials. All structures are planned to be earth-quake resistant, and the promised quality of all fittings, wires, sanitary, etc is included in the package.

Following is the list of home features related to MEP materials and civil works:

  • Earthquake-resistant Structure
  • Large Size Concrete Water Tanks
  • Underground Septic Tank
  • RCC Concrete Slab Structure
  • PPRC Pipes (Master Brand or Equivalent)
  • UPVC Pipes (Accufit Brand or Equivalent)
  • GI Piping (IIL-Medium or Equivalent)
  • Electrical Conduits (Popular or Equivalent)
  • Electrical Wiring (Newage Cables or Equivalent)
  • Lighting (SMD Lighting)
  • Minimal Circuit Breakers (Schneider or Equivalent)
  • AC Copper Piping (Dawlance 22 Gauge)
  • Double DPC System
  • Anti-Damp Treatment
  • Anti-Termite Treatment

Following are the finishing features of Capital Smart City Villas:

  • Imported Porcelain Floor Tiles
  • Imported Bath Tiles
  • Imported Kitchens & Wardrobes
  • Premium Imported Granite (Kitchen Counter Top)
  • Premium Imported Granite (Stairs/Steps Finish)
  • Imported Wood Veneer Doors
  • Imported Granite/Marble Window Sills
  • Indoor Paint (ICI Plastic Emulsion or Equivalent)
  • Outdoor Paint (ICI Weather Shield or Rock Wall)
  • Powder Coated Prime Aluminum or Equivalent Windows
  • 8 MM Tempered Glass Shower Enclosures
  • Steel Main Gate 14 gauge
  • Imported Brand Sanitary Wares
  • Imported Brand Sanitary Fittings
  • Electrical Switches (Clipsal Brand or Equivalent)
  • Stainless Steel Stairs Railing
  • Gas/Electric Operated Geyser’s
  • Fans (Pak Fan or Equivalent)
  • Imported SMD/COB Down Lights

Besides the aesthetic exteriors, deftly carved out layouts, and high quality of materials and civil works, you have a number of furnishing add-ons that are optional. 

Since these are Smart Villas, you have smart add-ons which can be added in your furnishing choices. Smart features include security systems, cctv cameras, automated locks, remote-controlled electronics, temperature sensors and much more.

Construction work on Capital Smart City Villas is starting in a few weeks. The construction contract has been awarded to Shangrila Hotels & Resorts. The estimated completion and hand-over time is by mid 2022. However, HRL boasts of its traditional excellence and spotless track record of delivering much before deadlines, so we can expect early possessions of Smart Villas.

As mentioned earlier, there are limited number of Smart Villas at introductory prices. The prices will be revised by 10% from November 02, 2019.

Capital Smart City Villas can be booked with just 10% down payment, while remaining amount is payable in 3 years easy installments plan. 

Following is the payment plan of Capital Smart City Villas:

capital smart city villas payment plan

It is important to mention here that you can book any type and size of villa, but you will be able to choose your villa number after the official map is unveiled in November 2019.

You will be able to choose your desired location on the map, i.e. corner, park facing, main road villa. Special categories will cost 5% additional charges except corner, which costs 7.5% extra charges. 

It is also important to mention that the given prices are for standard villas. So, if you choose your furnishing options other than standard, you will incur additional cost according to your choice.

In order to book your villa, you may download the booking form attached below:

Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Islamabad provides various kinds of options to its customers. Varying from Residential Plots, Commercial Plots, Luxury Smart Villas to Farmhouses. At present this housing society is offering 4 marla and 8 marla Commercial Plots; 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal Residential Plots; and 5 kanal and 10 kanal Farm Houses on 3-year adjustable Installment Plans.  10% discount is offered in the case of a full payment in one go and 5% discount for the applicants willing to pay 50% Upfront Amount.

Cost and Installment Plans for Farm Houses:

Plot Size Booking Confirmation Installments 12 Qtr Total Price
5 Kanal 30,00,000/- 30,00,000/- 20,00,000/- 30,000,000/-
10 Kanal 45,00,000/- 45,00,000/- 30,00,000/- 45,000,000/-

Cost and Installment Plans for Commercial Plots:

Plot Size Booking Confirmation Installments 12 Qtr Total Price
4 Marla 780,000/- 780,000/- 520,000/- 7,800,000
8 Marla 1,560,000/- 1,560,000/- 1,040,000/- 15,600,000

Booking Form Capital Smart City Villas

You can fill in the booking form with your personal details, and send us a scanned copy along with the following documents:

  • CNIC/NICOP Copy of Applicant
  • Photo of Applicant
  • Passport Copy of Applicant (in case of overseas block)
  • Overseas Resident Card Copy of Applicant (in case of overseas block)
  • CNIC Copy of Nominee/Next of Kin

Once you submit your form and documents to us, you can submit your down payment in the following methods:

  • Pay Order/ Demand Draft or Crossed Check in Favor of “Future Developments Holdings Private Limited”
  • Cash Deposit at Smart City Head Office
  • Online Transfer to FDHL Bank Accounts

Once your documents and down-payment are submitted, your booking will be confirmed. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for your documents to be processed and intimation letter to be issued. Once issued, it can be collected personally or couriered to your registered address. 

Should you require more information on Capital Smart City Islamabad and Smart Villas, or you want to book your villa or plot, feel free to contact us via email at  or call/whatsapp at 03004777901

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